Meet Kayla Klein,

Your Western Colorado Realtor

I’m not like other real estate agents. But seriously. I’m a fiery Aries with ambitious goals for myself and my clients, passionate about the massive impact of a strategic real estate investment. A marketing expert who also happens to have a real estate license. Whether you’re buying or selling your primary residence, investing, building, house hacking, starting a business, listing a place of business, or anything else, your money matters. I want to help you navigate these real estate transactions with confidence.

The Real is Estating in Western Colorado

I’m just as hungry to explore real estate investment opportunities as you are, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty in pursuit of profit. That goes for me and my clients.

When I was 20, I started a successful marketing agency out of my bedroom in Southern California. We began acquiring real estate clients, and the industry piqued my interest because it offers unique ways to build equity and capitalize on money-making opportunities.

I got my real estate license and, in addition to running my marketing agency, started working as the Marketing Director at United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. I executed a content marketing strategy that put our two-man office on the national map. In 2022, we earned the United Country Real Estate Genesis Award for Excellence in Marketing and Branding.

As our office grew, I continued innovating solutions to streamline content creation and deliver excellent marketing results for our brokers and properties. In early 2023, my marketing company developed our real estate AI copywriting app, Real Estate Robot. But it wasn’t enough to create real estate marketing strategies and hope the broker on the receiving end knew how to implement them. I wanted to directly impact you, my buyers and sellers.

By June of 2023, with several years of real estate marketing, web development, and first-hand real estate investing experience, I crafted a plan to put my skills to use and sit in the driver’s seat of my career and the results I generate. As destiny called, real estate answered.

I’m thrilled to offer my real estate marketing expertise to United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. As an Associate Broker, I offer my buyers and sellers unparalleled access to the latest technological innovations that help you maximize your investment opportunities and exposure. Furthermore, as the Marketing Director, my brain is constantly writing strategies to put our Cedaredge real estate office on the map.

When you work with me or any of my colleagues at United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, you can rest assured in our capable, passionate, tech-savvy hands. The Western Colorado real estate market is thriving for sellers and brimming with opportunities for buyers to get in on the ground floor of something projected to explode.

Hey Look Ma, I Made It

“She might be a Western Colorado realtor, but she’s making headlines statewide.” – Me, 2023